Thursday, 12 January 2017

Night Raven: From the Marvel UK Vaults Released in March

Who is Night Raven? Find out in this complete collection of classic tales from the Marvel UK archives! Join the mystery masked vigilante in his pulp-era war on crime, as this lone man of justice stealthily stalks his villainous prey on the streets of New York City...and branding criminals with the mark of the deadly Night Raven! Follow this dark avenger into battle with mob bosses, murderers and miscreants like the Taxman, the Assassin, Dragonfire and more -in rarely-seen stories by some of Marvel UK's finest talents! 

Here's another great release by Marvel in March collecting Night Raven material from the Hulk Comic 1-20; Savage Action 1-4, 6, 8, 12-15; Marvel Super-Heroes (UK) 382-386, 389-395; Daredevils 6-11; Mighty World of Marvel 7-17; Savage Sword of Conan (UK) 85-92; Captain Britain (1985) 10-12

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