Monday, 9 January 2017

Baron Blood spotted Having a Drink with Count Nefaria

Our favourite vampire, Baron Blood appears in issue #15 of Daredevil... Okay, Spitfire's our favourite vampire... anyway he appears... Blade's more favoured?.. hmm... Okay, our favourite bad guy vampire... I'm ignoring Dracula, Morbius and any other high profile vamp'... hmm... Okay our favourite British vampire appears in the latest issue of Daredevil released on 11/01/17.

Granted it's a cameo appearance, but he's seen in 'The Bar With No Name' having a drink with none other than Count Nefaria. Questions arise... what's he drinking?... It doesn't look like blood, and why's he gripping Neraria's arm?

Now there's a thought... Baron Blood, and Count Nefaria in their own super-villain team, a sort of masters of evil type of thing. Who would be good additions to their group?

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