Friday, 30 December 2016

Avengers UK DIGESTive

Hi guys n' girls,

First of all an apology from myself for providing a lack of material featuring Captain Britain and all things Marvel UK. Life's been a bit busy of late, lots of art commissions plus a busy time in general across this festive season. I have neglected my Otherworld duties, but I'm now determined to rectify this and provide regular features.

Moving on...

The guys at Avengers UK have once again been busy and released another fantastic piece of fan fiction on their Facebook page, entitled 'AUK DIGESTive First Bite'.

I've just finished reading it and it's great! Featuring separate stories that revolve around the Black Knight, MI:13, and Digitek. Check it out, a great way to end 2016 with some proper Marvel UK fan fiction, and it's FREE!

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