Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Union Jack by Barry Kitson

Nice Union Jack piece by Barry Kitson, spotted on the Comic Art Fans site from 2012.

The owner of this beauty had this to say...
'I've waited awhile to get a Union Jack sketch and finally decided that Barry Kitson would do a cool rendition of the character. I had no idea that I would leave with this incredible artwork! This scan does not capture the tones of the original, especially the smoke coming from both of his pistols! Pittsburgh Comic Con 2012'

Jealous much!


  1. Have you seen the new captain Britain figure? Looks awesome

    1. It's on my Christmas wants list! My wife has forbid me from buying myself anything just incase she gets me one for Christmas... she shops early. I think it's a ploy!

  2. Just got it today, looks so nice! Much better than the last legends one which had some weird dimensions. Love the new excalibur outfit. Only one I'm missing now is the old school uniform figure that came with a spiderman figure and comic. ..