Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Captain Britain by Alessandro Vitti

Another Captain Britain commission gem from the Comic Art Fans site by Alessandro Vitti.

The owner of this piece had this to say...

'Huge fan of Captain Britain since I read a hand-me-down copy of the 1978 UK annual (essentially reprinting his origin story), and the original costume is by far my favourite.

I've noticed that most of the Cap commissions portray a very noble pose (understandable given where his powers come from) but I wanted a rather darker take, and thought Alessandro would be perfect for it, having loved the work he did on Secret Warriors for Marvel.

I had commissioned this last year but was aware there were some delays. I stopped by to introduce myself at Alessandro's table at LSCC 2015 and as a great surprise, he had it ready for me!

Alessandro was an absolute gem to talk to, and I'm ecstatic at the way this has turned out.'

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