Saturday, 28 May 2016

Defenders UK #3 is Out Now!

The long awaited issue #3 of Defenders UK is now available to read, for FREE, on the Avengers UK Facebook page.

I've just finished reading it myself, and loved it. There are so many references, nods of appreciation you could say, to the British side of sci-fi, and Brit' heroes, lovingly crafted by Izzy World. This is his baby, and like a growing infant, it is being nurtured, and loved like only a parent would love it's own child. You have to check out the inclusion of characters from old British children's TV programmes.

This has been created not for money, but for love, love of a genre we all love. Check it out, it's worth a read. If you've not read the first two issue, check them out on the Avengers UK site, before reading this issue...

The following alternate covers were drawn by myself, and the talented Alan Green.
Art by Mark Farbrother

Art by Alan Green

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