Thursday, 31 March 2016

Captain Britain in a Marvel Movie?

There's been talk of late of a possible Captain Britain TV show, but it turned out to be a pitch. On Stan Lee's Facebook page the following article appeared, with a link to the Stan Lee site...

Guess Which British Hero May Be Making His Way To The Marvel Cinematic Universe

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has stretched from New York City to Asgard all the way out to Knowhere, so it would make sense that Marvel’s next big project takes fans across the pond to the bonnie shores of jolly old England.
Silver screen aside, Marvel has enjoyed a wild amount of success on the small screen with Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter as well as on the cyber screen with its dark, violent, and gritty Netflix lineup, and fans can’t seem to get enough. Lucky for them, Marvel has a few brand new series in the works, including one starring the much more mythical counterpart to one of the MCU’s greatest heroes, Captain America.
In order to celebrate her 1000th tweet, Ciara McAvoy, a Scottish film producer and artist, posted a sneak peek at one of her newest projects: a picture of a uniform comic book fans will easily recognize.

That’s A Very Familiar Suit…

That’s right – once the dust from the Civil War settles, the MCU’s greatest heroes may just get the chance to team up with Marvel’s most iconic English superhero.

While Braddock is often seen as the British version of Captain America, Captain Britain did not get his powers from science, but from magic.
After being given a choice between the Amulet of Right and the Sword of Might by the legendary wizard Merlyn, Braddock chose the Amulet and was rewarded with mystical powers that transformed him into Captain Britain.
Considering Marvel Studios is getting ready to introduce moviegoers to the magical side of the MCU with the highly anticipated film Doctor Strange, it would make sense that Braddock and his magical origin story could be added into the mix.
The series is still in early development, so there’s no word just yet on when fans can expect to actually see the new series.

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  1. Please tell me this isn't an early April fools! I want to see this so bad, especially seeing as union jack never came to lift in the Captain America films...

  2. I wouldn't be so cruel Steve. This story has been doing the rounds since Ciara McAvoy tweeted she was working on something for a Captain Britain TV show. It then turned out to be a pitch towards Marvel by her and others. Nothing's been confirmed yet, but the interest everyone is showing in a Captain Britain appearing on the big screen, or the small screen is starting to get noticed by those that matter.

    As soon as I hear more, I'll post on here.