Monday, 4 January 2016

Avengers UK Story Book Annual

I first discovered the world of Marvel reading Marvel UK comics, which consisted mainly of reprints of the original American releases, Hulk Comic, Spider-Man etc. This eventually lead me to discover the joy of a specialist comic shop, such as 'Forever People' which used to sit on Park Street in Bristol, where I would buy all my comics, alas it is no more.

The American releases were great, and very exciting, but they felt different to the UK releases which would contain some gems written for the British Public only, such as Captain Britain, and Night Raven to name a few. One thing which the Brits were very good at was releasing annuals, or summer specials, which would contain short stories, which would sometimes contain reprints, and sometimes not.

This tradition alas like all good things came to an end, of sorts, but never fear the guys at 'Avengers UK' have reinstated this tradition and produced a fantastic Story Book Annual, released a few days before Christmas day.

This is a free online (Facebook) comic, created with love, to provide those that mourn the lack of British interaction in the current Marvel universe. The guys that create this, and there are many contributors do so in their own time, not for money, but because they want to, because they have a passion for all things Marvel UK.

Contained within, are comic strips, book-format stories, artwork, and even a crossword, plus much more featuring everyone's favourite Marvel UK heroes. Check it out, it'll be the best non-money you'll spend in a while.

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