Sunday, 8 November 2015

Betsy Braddock by Izzy World

I've been a tad bit busy of late, hence the lack of updates on my Blog, but service will now be resumed once more, starting with this wonderful piece of Betsy Braddock art.

I recently drew an alternative cover for an online comic called Defenders UK, which I've featured on here several times. As way of thanks, the author/artist, (and friend of mine) of this comic asked me who I would like in return. After much pondering I chose our dear old Betsy, but in her early guise. I'm not a big fan of Psylocke (shock, horror!), I much prefer the original English rose that is, or was.

For his muse Izzy used the actress Amber Anderson, who I'd not heard of, but a quick Google image search and I can see why he chose her, good choice.

Alas I can't reveal my art just yet, but will be able to in the spring of 2016 when issue three of Defenders UK is scheduled to be released.

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