Wednesday, 8 April 2015

The Incredible Herb Trimpe Hardcover

Released at the end of July is this hardback little gem, all about the original Captain Britain artist Herb Trimpe, although for some reason it fails to mention his stint on Captain Britain in the 'blurb' promoting this release (see below). It's due for release on 29th July, and will retail for £25.99. You can pre-order it from Forbidden Planet now for £15.59.

The Blurb...
'From running the first photostat machine at Marvel Comics to being the first to illustrate Wolverine, no other member of the Marvel Bullpen has had such a varied and remarkable career as Herb Trimpe. He drew licensed characters based on toys and runs of super-heroes like Iron Man, Defenders, even Spider-Man. But he's best known for his definitive eight-year stint drawing the Incredible Hulk. This book chronicles the life and art of Trimpe through his own voice, as well as the voices of friends and colleagues. Their testimony to his talent and his legacy of artwork leave no wonder why he has been dubbed 'The Incredible Herb Trimpe.'

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