Monday, 23 March 2015

New Captain Britain Convention Sketch by Alan Davis

I've said it before and I'll probably say it many, many, many times again... no-one can draw Captain Britain like Alan Davis. He captures not just the form, but the essence of what Captain Britain is.

Spotted this one on the Comic Art Fans website, posted 21/03/15. You lucky, lucky person Josh, whoever you are!


  1. Alan Davis is undoubtedly a brilliant artist, but that chin is even bigger than Desperate Dan's, and his forehead is a bit low, too.

  2. Ha, I see what you mean! This version is more akin to the earlier version of CB, which had more of a slim build compared to now where he's bulked out. The chin guard on his helmet also makes the chin seem larger.

  3. I love it! Classic. They seem to have finally calmed down on the constant costume changes for cap and stuck with the Alan Davis costume.

    I did like the new excalibur update (the only thing i did like from that arc) but there you go.

    @ElvenBrit - do you per chance collect captain britain figures?

  4. I do indeed collect Captain Britain figures, in as far as I customize figurines to add to my own collection. You should check out my other Blog...

  5. I've been following both your blogs for some time, just on my bookmark bar, don't know why until now I didn't just click 'follow' on blogger.

    In Sweden at the mo but will drop you an email with SteveD4ve as the subject. Got a figure you might like.