Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders by Alan Davis

This was posted on the Alan Davis page less than an hour ago, under the title of 'Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders'. I have no information on this at this stage, apart from it's part of the upcoming Marvel Secret Wars... Excited?

I presume that's Captain Britain at the back, with She-Hulk, Faiza Hussain, White Tiger, a female Iron Man, and I'm guessing The Prowler with a Spidey-type costume?


  1. Thank you to Mark Roberts, the author of the 'It Came From Darkmoor...' Blog, who informs me that this is an Age of Ultron tie-in, and that Faiza Hussain is the Captain Britain in this piece.

  2. Ah nice to see Faiza back and rad that she was passed the mantel after Caps demise