Saturday, 21 March 2015

Betsy Braddock Watercolour by David Mack

Check this out... a watercolour painting of our very own Betsy Braddock, painted by David Mack. I remember him from his excellent work he did on Daredevil.

The owner of this wonderful piece had this to say...

'David Mack is one of my all-time favourite artists, with such a unique style, and getting on his sketch list for LSCC 2015 was my main priority. However, I wasn't sure what level of work he would be doing, if at all.

In the end, I went all-in for a full watercolour piece.

I had wanted to get a Psylocke commission done for quite some time in her British supermodel days (i.e. pre-ninja body), but it was hard to find decent references. David asked which costume I wanted her in, and I said not to worry too much about that, just think British supermodel with purple hair and I'll leave the rest to you. So he didn't bother with the costume...

David, you are a superstar and an absolute gentleman - thank you.'


  1. It certainly is Taz, a little bit different to the usual portrayal. I loved David Mack's art in Daredevil, so this is an added bonus, painting a loved character.