Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Avengers #43 Cover First Look Featuring Captain Britain

Newsarama have just posted this...

Time is running out in Marvel's Avengers and New Avengers title, but not before they shift some things around leading into Secret Wars.

Newsarama has learned that the previously solicited cover to Avengers #43 by Adam Kubert will now be the cover for New Avengers #32, with a new cover by Stefano Caselli being revealed to take it's place.  Here's your first look at the cover for Avengers #43, which is scheduled to go on-sale March 18:


  1. This is such a great piece of art! Is there a graphic novel of the time running out story yet?

    I'd like to read about what is going on with the corps and cap now! also what ever their parton the spidey universe is, all this cap birt spiderman stuff.

    I wish on the marvel site you could search for a character then get back every issue they are in and hit a 'buy all' button

  2. I hear you Steve,

    I spend a lot of time searching for Captain Britain appearances, it would save me a lot of time, but not money if I could find everything in one place.

    The time runs out story hasn't happened yet, but I have seen a couple of spoilers for what happens to Captain Britain, and the Corps,which I've refrained from posting on here, so I won't give away too much of what's going to happen.

    Whatever happens, if the Corps is destroyed as pictured in the Alan Davis cover artwork, hopefully it'll all be resolved and heroes will be reborn. Captain Britain has died several times, and the Corps has been decimated several times so hopefully they'll all return once the Secret Wars is done and dusted.

  3. I agree, fingers crossed! I have far to many Captain Britain figures/comics etc as it is lol.

    I have your blog on my bookmark bar as my main way of finding out about cap these days :) so thank you!