Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Time Runs Out Captain Britain Art

This piece of art has been around for a week. I first spotted it on the Avengers UK Facebook Web-Comic page. It's a fantastic piece of art by Alan Davis for the cover of New Avengers issue 30 which shows the decimation of the Captain Britain Corps. It all ties in to the 'Time Runs Out' story by Marvel, which has propelled the good Captain to the front, rightly so, along with the usual major players.

It's been said by many that Marvel are rebooting everything, hence this apocalyptic storyline which seems to be the end of everything. If that's what is going to happen, then please, please, please don't follow the DC's 'New 52', which ruined a lot of it's characters, and washed away a lot of years of comic history in the blink of an eye.

There's lots of villains and heroes that could return from the grave, I'm sure we've all got ones we could pick, but I must admit this doesn't sit well with me.

Hopefully when the dust has settled Captain Britain will be a major character, and not return to his usual status as a bit character.

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