Sunday, 23 November 2014

Hurricane Custom Figurine

Here's a custom figurine I finished today of an old Captain Britain foe, who first appeared way back in issue #3 in 1976. His first cover appearance was on the cover of the following issue. A character that could have been so much more in the world of Captain Britain, but alas it wasn't to be.

This figurine measures a mere 98mm in height from base to head.

Albert Potter was the first Hurricane.

Albert was a meteorologist who studied how to deactivate hurricanes. He failed many times and soon was fired from his job. He took his machine that deactivated hurricanes and tried to release it into one. The machine backfired and engulfed Albert in its energy. The Nethergods rebuilt Albert into a weapon to use against Captain Britain, pawn of their foe Merlyn. He soon became Hurricane.

Albert has increased strength, stamina, agility and intellect. He made a battlesuit that protects him from mostly all forms of conventional injury. The suit also allows him to generate both extremely high velocity winds [strong enough to become hurricanes] and force blasts. He has the ability to fly at speeds of 200 mph, if not greater.

His suit allows him to generate other weather controlling effects such as generating lightning and hail. He could also absorb energy based blast and project them as well. Albert also possessed some mind-control abilities.

Here's a photo of my current Captain Britain figurine collection.

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