Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Time Runs Out For Captain Britain in 2015

Spotted this on CBR, a storyline revolving around The Avengers, like a lot of Marvel events at the moment, titled 'Time Runs Out'.

The art is by Agustin Alessio, and will feature on the variant covers of Avengers #35, & New Avengers #24, which features Captain Britain, wearing his (now) traditional 80's uniform. In The Revolutionary War he wore a different version to this one. I really wish Marvel would stop changing his uniform, make your mind up Marvel. There's some major players in the Marvel Universe on these covers, nice to see the good Captain included.

CBR had this to say...
April 2015 will be a dire time for the Marvel Universe -- at least it looks that way based on the upcoming "Avengers" and "New Avengers" storyline "Time Runs Out."

Starting in September, the arc has been said to be the third act of writer Jonathan Hickman's run on the two Avengers titles, which began in fall 2012 as part of the "Marvel NOW!" initiative. "Time Runs Out" starts on the eve of the final "Incursion" event -- with two Earths headed towards the same spot, and only one able to survive.

"In September both 'Avengers' and 'New Avengers' are effectively skipping their storylines ahead eight months," series editor and Marvel senior vice president of publishing Tom Brevoort told CBR News in June. "That means the cast situation of the books and where everybody is in the Marvel Universe will be contiguous with the end of April 2015."

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CBR has the exclusive first look of artist Agustin Alessio's variant covers for the first two installments of "Time Runs Out" -- "Avengers" #35 (by Hickman and artist Jim Cheung) and "New Avengers" #24 (by Hickman and artist Mike Deodato). As promised by Brevoort, the covers are consistent with what we know about the Avengers in the near future -- Sam Wilson is Captain America, Thor Odinson is carrying his axe Jarnbjorn, not Mjolnir and Iron Man is in the "Superior" armor -- along with some surprises like Captain Britain, and what appears to be James Rhodes back in his War Machine armor, as opposed to the Iron Patriot guise.


  1. There are thoughts that the guy in the suit is peter wisdom.
    Where is strange, reed and namor in all this?

  2. It could be Pete Wisdom, I thought that, but kept quiet until we know more. On the other page is another character in civilian clothing ,possibly Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson is in the Cap A suit.

    Good point about the other major heroes absent from this art. Will they appear on the covers of their own comics, or even other Avenger titles?

  3. So what is supposed to be the end goal of this event, kind of a soft reboot of the MU?

  4. A good question Taz, with all the time issues caused by the Age of Ultron story, it's become a little bit messy in the MU with chatacters past and present appearing.

    If two worlds become one, does that mean the MU becomes even more complicated with alternate versions of heroes, and villains existing together in the same universe? Just a thought!