Saturday, 21 June 2014

Avengers UK Facebook Webcomic

You should check out this Facebook magazine called 'Avengers UK', created by the fans for the fans.

Darren Wilson from Avengers UK said 'We are a free, fan-fiction webcomic on Facebook written and drawn (for the most part) by me.  Occasionally we have guest writers and artists working on the story and we also showcase art and related articles.

Essentially AUK was created to bring attention to 'Marvel Britain', our main cast is Captain Britain, Dark Angel, Motormouth and Shang-Chi.  Keeping in continuity as much as possible I've added an atheist Indo Glaswegian Ghost Rider and a cynical police detective with nothing better to do.  With guest appearances up and coming by Elsa Bloodstone and Death's Head.  And we're about to launch a new version of Knights of Pendragon!

This is good fun, and worth checking out, featuring some of Marvel UK's favourite characters.

Avengers UK is a 'just for fun non-profit' fan based fiction. All characters remain the property of their respective companies.

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