Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Death's Head Action Figure

At this years New York Toy Fair Hasbro unveiled a new range of action figures called 'Infinite', and contained within the second wave is an actual Death's Head figure.

I copied the following from CBR...
'MARVEL INFINITE | Hasbro took the opportunity of Toy Fair to unveil figures from the first three waves of their new 3.75-inch scale line of comic-based figures called Marvel Infinite. The series kicks off with Heroic Age Iron Man, Grim Reaper, armored Hulk, Wasp, Captain America and Hyperion. Meanwhile, the second wave will consist of Death's Head, Red She-Hulk, Yellow Jacket, Whirlwind, bearded Thor, Beta Ray Bill and Steve Rogers. Finally, the third wave includes Deathlok and Ares.'

For more on this article follow this link...

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