Thursday, 5 December 2013

Wild Angels Covers by Pino Rinaldi

On one of my many searches of deviantART I came across these excellent pieces of cover art by Pino Rinaldi for a title called 'Wild Angels'. A title featuring a team up by Dark Angel, and Wild Thing, that would last for four issues, but alas the collapse of Marvel UK meant this title didn't see print in the UK, but it was printed in Italy.

Comic Vine had this to say about the release... 'Originally intended as a Marvel UK four issues miniseries, and announced as such in Body Count, when the Marvel UK line folded Wild Angels was picked up by Marvel Italia, who published it as a single black and white volume.'

Here's the two different Italian covers I've also managed to find...


  1. I will certainly keep an eye out for a copy of this, even though I will have to translate into English. Worth it though!

    1. I probably still have the original scripts. I have to look ...

    2. That would be an interesting thing to see, an insight in to the inner workings of the comic.

    3. As soon as I have the time, if I find the way to you!

  2. That's very kind of you Pino, you are a true gentleman.