Sunday, 1 December 2013

Revolutionary War Omega Cover

CBR's weekly Axel-In-Charge feature this week had a small piece on the eagerly awaited Revolutionary War in January, prompted by a question from a reader...

On a different front, Derek Metaltron had two questions, starting with, "As an Englishman I'm really happy to see the Marvel UK characters get a spotlight in the Revolutionary War one-shots, especially Captain Britain! I was wondering whether there are any plans after this for Brian Braddock and company? I would love to see some more of MI-13 or an Excalibur reunion."

Alonso: Let's get through "Revolutionary War" first and see if there's even a Britain to be Captain of…But here's a look at the cover to "Revolutionary War: Omega" for a bit of a clue.

So what can we read in to this very small snippet? The destruction of Britain? The survival of Britain? or the start of a new team?

The start of a new team would be great news! Captain Britain, Death's Head II, and Dark Angel in the team would be great, but who else would we like to see? Are the likes of Meggan, Pete Wisdom, Spitfire etc too obvious, or would we like to see lesser known characters such as previous members of the Dark Guard involved? I'd like to see more of Albion (Peter Hunter) in the team, but he is pictured on the cover to the Revolutionary War: Knights of Pendragon issue, along with Pete Wisdom and Union Jack.

Maybe we'll see the release of a split comic, with one half dedicated to Captain Britain's new team, and the other half dedicated to a new Knights of Pendragon... It won't happen, but, sigh, we can but dream.

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