Friday, 22 November 2013

New Braddock Academy Members in Infinity: The Hunt #4

Released on Wednesday November 27th is Infinity: The Hunt #4 which features various young heroes from different factions, teaming up to fight the forces of Thanos. One such group is the Braddock Academy, which features yet more unknown characters, ones not featured in the Avengers Arena run.
 There are two characters representing the Bradoock Academy, one called Loch, and one called Box. Loch I would presume is a connection to Loch Ness, plus his green monstery appearance, and Box... wasn't there a Box in Alpha Flight?


The super student teenagers of the Marvel Universe take on Thanos’ forces!

The seeds of a future Marvel event are planted here!


  1. Awesome! love that they have started the Braddock Academy. Gives a chance for the UK to be included in more story lines across 616. Two things concern me though... What happened to the mi13 costume CB? hmmmm? no point in a reboot after all that horrid new Excalibur and die by the sword business if they don't keep it up! The second is what has happened to the CP corpse? is Albion still running it, has CB left it? seem to remember a rather good but trippy (but good) xforce story line where they re-appeared for a while. Sorry for the massive post lol, been a long time since i caught up on your AWESOME blog

  2. Captain Britain of late hasn't been used much in the Marvel Universe, but his Braddock Academy has now featured in two series, Avengers Arena, and Infinity: The Hunt, so it does give you some hope for the future.

    Along with CB, Otherworld has been pushed aside, along with Albion, but next year see's Marvel UK take the limelight again with the 'Revolutionary War', which features CB (in his New Excalibur costume, or so the poster seems to have him wearing it) Death's Head II, the first Albion and a whole host of other Marvel UK characters.

    As far as the MI13 costume goes, it was replaced by the more popular 80's Alan Davis creation, as seen in Secret Avengers, even though it had a colour changing 'stealth mode'... shudders!

    Thanks for checking in Steve

  3. they both have appeared throughout the series from issue 1 onwards.
    Box is son of the famous Roger Bochs, scientist and engineer. Box operates in an exoskeleton-style construct based on his father's original design but modified to increase his speed and strength ten-fold.Roger Jr. suffers from the same congenital condition that robbed his father of his legs at birth.
    Loch has tough, scaly skin and arms with nearly unlimited strength and flexibility. Loch can also swim rapidly and breathe underwater.

  4. Thank you Scanlan for that information. I've not bought the issues, I'm hoping they come out in GN form.