Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Cliff Robinson's Captain Britain Cover

I found this great piece of art by 2000AD artist Cliff Robinson, known for his work on Judge Dredd. Entitled 'One Minute Later', it's his take on issue #16 of the original Captain Britain comic featuring Captain Britain, and Captain America. He's taken the original cover with the two Cap's fighting each other drawn by Herb Trimpe, and his version is... One Minute Later. This was a commission request around 2009.

This is superb, and probably cost a fair penny too. The owner of this piece had this to say about his commission... 'Cliff Robinson is one of my all-time favourite UK artists especially given all the detail and power he pours into his work. I asked him to do a One Minute Later of Captain Britain #16 with Captain America and here it is, pencils and inks by Cliff - by the way, this is huge, larger than twice up.'


  1. This is pure awesome, would make an amazing print for the wall! I have #1 of CB framed on my wall (with the free mask).

  2. My thoughts exactly Steve, a great piece of CB art!