Tuesday, 10 September 2013

A ClanDestine Tale Part 3 - Vincent's Endgame!

Here we have the final part of the ClanDestine story of Vincent. The first part started in the Fantastic Four Annual #33 where we learned of Vincent's unstable past, and his death at the hands of his Father, Adam Destine. The second part was in the Daredevil Annual #1, where Vincent's spirit occupied a robot called a Plastoid, which was destroyed by Daredevil, in a Natural History Museum in New York.

The final part of this story, here in Wolverine Annual #1, once again written and drawn by Alan Davis, and we must not forget the Inks lovingly rendered by Mark Farmer, on all three issues. This is a real labour of love by Alan, answering the questions raised about Vincent.

This part is called 'The Greater Evil', and involves a few trips in to the past to explain Vincent's master plan, plus a cast of characters comprising of the ClanDestine, Wolverine and once again Doctor Strange.

The story starts in the past, Wolverine's past, where we find Wolvie fighting for his life against a demon, set upon him by a Chinese warlord called Chen Yu. The demon is the same colour as the demons we've come across so far in this tale, so there's an obvious connection there.

The demon is killing Wolverine until Adam Destine pops up and destroys the demon, saving Wolverines life. Wolverine is now indebted to Adam Destine, which brings us to the present where Logan is woken up in the early hours of the morning by, what he presumes is Adam Destine asking for him to return the favour. It turns out not to be Adam, but rather Cuckoo, using her mind powers to pose as Adam and convince Logan to aid her. Wolverine works out that it's not Adam Destine, but agrees to help her fight Vincent.

Whilst Logan's having a chat to Cuckoo, Vincent's melted Plastoid form re-appears to obtain the mummified remains of some hybrids, which are refered to as 'The DNA of the Gods', this now explains why Vincent made his way to this museum. Why he wanted them, we'll get to in a while.

Whilst these two events are happening, the rest of the Destine family appear, minus Adam, plus Doctor Strange appears, and gives a one panel catch up on Vincent's journey from England to New York, with a revelation that every thing that's happened is all a plan by Vincent... Yep!

Wolverine and Cuckoo are now in the museum facing  the Vincent melted Plastoid, who has turned the museum in to a realm of it's own, like the sort you would see in a issue of Doctor Strange, all upside down, back-to-front etc.

Vincent, in the spirit of all decent bad guys talks a lot, and starts to reveal his plan, whilst setting the hybrid Egyptian creatures on to Wolverine.

So here it is... Every event we've witnessed so far has been manipulated by Vincent, with the aim of reaching this point now. He provided Chen Yu with the demon to attack Wolverine, arranged for Adam to be there at that point to save Wolverine, he was responsible for the 'DNA of the Gods' to be kept in jars all those centuries ago, responsible for Cuckoo tricking Wolverine to come to the museum, and also responsible for some of the events within the pages of the original ClanDestine comics.

Why? why go to all of this trouble? If you remember the first issue with The Fantastic Four, Vincent could travel in time, and that was what he was doing, but still why? Vincent's essence needed a form, a body if you like, what better body to possess than Wolverine's with it's healing factor, and long life. Imagine that infused with Vincent's spirit, and the DNA of the Gods, that is power.

The hybrid creatures were created to test Wolverine's healing ability, to see if he was a perfect host, plus he knew that the rest of his family would turn up to stop him, so he needed them to distract his family whilst he took control of Wolvie's body.

Vincent failed to take control of Logan's body, Logan managed to expel Vincent's spirit, with a little help from Cuckoo, and the twins, who turned out to be the ace in the family's hand. Imp and the Crimson Crusader were born after Vincent died, so he didn't account for their combined power.

Big bang, everything returns to normal, reality that is, the museum is pretty trashed, Wolverine's body looks more like Deadpool's body now, totally ravaged, and the heroes all leave the museum, but is Vincent's spirit actually dead and gone? check out the final panel.

This little three issue run was fantastic! I especially liked the way the family had to sort out the mess caused by Vincent without the aid of Adam. Is Adam one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe? Think of the first time we met him, when he was found sat on an asteroid pondering life, by the Silver Surfer.

I fell in love with Alan Davis' creation, The ClanDestine family from the first time I came across them in the Marvel Preview. Like a lot of fans I was saddened by the short life of ClanDestine, but I'm ever hopeful that they will keep appearing in the Marvel Universe. I would love for Alan to write and draw another ClanDestine series, but it's a bit like waiting for another series of 'Firefly', it probably isn't going to happen. I would like there to be more interaction between Doctor Strange and the family in the future, it could lead to some very interesting stories, especially if Vincent is still around, but I want them to remain a secret, not run off and join The Avengers.

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