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A ClanDestine Tale Part 2 - Vincent's Search!

Daredevil Annual #1 continuing the tale of Vincent, which started in Fantastic Four Annual #33, written, and drawn by Alan Davis.

In the first part we discovered what happened to Vincent, why his father, Adam Destine had to kill him, and just how powerful, and unstable Vincent actually was.

In the first part the adventure started at Vincent's grave on the Destine family estate. The grave had been ripped apart by some sort of mystical energy, hence the involvement of Doctor Strange. Time was starting to reverse itself, and Vincent's grave was starting to reform, but it wasn't explained what was actually happening at that moment, with the explosion from the energy sending the heroes off in different directions.

This issue entitled 'A Tourist In Hell' follows what seems to be Vincent's spirit, which seems to now be in New York, hence the Daredevil involvement. The Thing, The Human Torch, and Doctor Strange were drawn to England, and it seemed as though the FF were just a vessel to explain Vincent's past. I'm sure if Doctor Strange had his own ongoing comic, it would have appeared in his comic instead.

This story starts with Daredevil watching a crime scene from the rooftop of an overlooking building, at the crime scene is also a member of the Destine family, Cuckoo. She invades DD's mind and tricks him in to following her below the streets of New York.

She leads him to a hidden armoury, where he discovers the empty casting for a robotic foe he fought way back in Daredevil #49 in 1969, called The Plastoid.

Cuckoo has lead him there, after discovering, in his mind an image of his battle with The Plastoid. What's this got to do with Vincent? I hear you say! Cuckoo has been following Vincent's spirit since he broke out of his grave (Now it makes sense), and has traced it to New York, and it now inhabits the Plastoid's body. Cuckoo doesn't actually believe it is Vincent, she believes he is dead, and that the creature she follows wears the face of her dead brother, and is from that dark, demonic dimension, which she also believes possessed Vincent. She means to kill him!

The rest of the Destine family don't share her view, and believe it is actually Vincent's spirit, and this is where we meet another member of the family, who is tracking her, to stop her from killing Vincent. Hex has been following Daredevil, in the belief He will lead him to Cuckoo. DD manages to suss he's being followed, and the two fight, and are pretty evenly matched.

This is Daredevil's comic, so DD was always going to come out on top. Up pops Doctor Strange, who has a vested interest in what's going on, and off races Daredevil to 'The American Museum of Natural History' where Cuckoo is confronting The Plastoid possessed by Vincent's spirit.

Cuckoo's getting her backside handed to her by The Vincent Plastoid, when Daredevil appears and does battle with The Plastoid, saving Cuckoo. Cuckoo does try to help DD fight him, but if you remember how powerful Vincent actually is, even in this form, she's no match for him.

Whilst all this is going on Hex regains conciousness and has a nice little chat with Doctor Strange, explaining the family's view on Vincent, their guilt, and how they are here to stop Cuckoo.

Daredevil defeats The Plastoid by electrocuting him, there's a big explosion, the monster melts, and parts of the building fall down around their ears, trapping both DD, and Cuckoo. Doctor Strange, and Hex turn up and rescue the pair.

Daredevil and Doctor Strange have a little rooftop chat whilst watching the local fire brigade fight the fire in the museum, where the good Doctor shares his wisdom on The Destines with DD.

I like the way Alan Davis is painting a picture of where ClanDestine sit, neither heroes, or villains, but as Doctor Strange said 'They inhabit the gray areas of life.'

This was yet another great issue, wonderfully drawn, and excellently told, where you are left wondering, was it Vincent's spirit, or is it actually a demon spirit? The difference between this issue, and the FF one is Daredevil was an important part of the story, and a clever use of an old villain in DD's past. Alan must have done some serious research to find the right character to fit this story so well. Every thing about this issue flowed effortlessly, it was a joy to read!

Why did Vincent want to inhabit a robot, surely that's not very grand as far as a masterplan goes? This, and why he was in the museum is all explained in the final installment in Wolverine Annual #1.

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