Thursday, 22 August 2013

Thor and Spider-Man were Members of Excalibur

I was searching through back issues of Excalibur for a panel to post, when I came across this interesting panel.

Issue #46 of Excalibur, published in 1992, which features Kylun, on Earth 148, fighting against that Earth's version of Excalibur. This Excalibur comprises of that realities version of Captain Britain, Black Knight, Thor, and Spider-Man, who are pretty much Zombies, after being slain by Necrom.

This is the lead up to the major story arc which involved 'Necrom' becoming the 'Anti-Phoenix', the introduction, or re-introduction of Kylun (Colin) back to Earth 616, and the explanation of  why Excalibur was formed. This story also increased Excalibur in size, and introduced us to Cerise, Feron, and Kylun, not to mention Micromax's involvement, all drawn by the fantastic Alan Davis.

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