Monday, 22 July 2013

Baron Blood Custom Figurine

Eaglemoss released a set of lead figurines under the title of 'The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection', which came to an end earlier this year at figurine number 200, plus there were various specials. They measure roughly 90mm in height, and have become quite a desired collection. As you can image there were very few Marvel UK heroes included in the collection, amongst other heroes that collectors were hoping would be made.

I have another Blog called Metal Ink Custom Figurines, where I showcase custom pieces I've made for other collectors, plus ones for my own Brit collection. The most recent one I've made for my own collection is of Baron Blood...

Baron Blood's first appearance was in 1976, in 'The Invaders' comic, issue #7, created by Roy Thomas and Frank Robbins.

Here's a couple of photo's taken for fun, with a MI:13 feel, and nod of respect towards the great series it was.

I just need to make a Spitfire figurine, a Pete Wisdom figurine, and a Faiza Hussain figurine, to complete the set, there's already a Blade figurine, just need to buy it!

Check out my other Blog to see more info on this figurine, plus others I've made...

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