Saturday, 15 June 2013

Meggan Steps Up and Joins The Hunt

The next big thing in the Marvel Universe is 'Infinity', which has Marvel's mainstream Avengers off in space facing off against something/someone called 'The Builders', plus Thanos features heavily. With the Avengers in Space, Earth lies undefended, um, there thousands of heroes in the Marvel U guys? Anyway Luke Cage will lead a team of heroes to fill The Avengers shoes whilst they are away.

Like most Marvel events there are plenty of spin-off titles which happen, one of them tied in to 'Infinity' called 'The Hunt'. Meggan, seen here on the cover to issue #1, and in the art below represents the Braddock Academy. So does this mean Avengers Arena is done and dusted by the time this starts?





• Hank Pym, Wolverine, and She-Hulk bring the students of the Marvel Universe together to announce a new CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS!

• This CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS pits the super students of schools all over the Marvel U (including some you’ve never seen before) against each other.

• However, the Contest is interrupted when Thanos’ forces descend on Earth. What do they have to do with the young heroes?

Axel Alonso, Editor-in-chief at Marvel had this to say about Septembers release of 'The Hunt' in an interview with CBR...

Alonso: "Infinity: The Hunt" bounces all around the Marvel Universe, featuring students from schools you know -- Avengers Academy, the Future Foundation, the Jean Grey School, the Braddock Academy -- and schools you’ve never seen before. So there are tons of characters you already know and a bunch you don’t. So, let’s see: You’ll see one of the Power Pack in "Infinity: The Hunt," Alex Powers in "FF," a few New Mutants in "Fearless Defenders" and another series we haven’t announced yet, some of the New X-Men in "Wolverine and the X-Men," X-23 in "Avengers Arena," and Prodigy in "Young Avengers."

For the full interview, follow this link...

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