Saturday, 4 May 2013

Hank Pyms Death = Spitfire's Death!

For those of you that are following the big Marvel event running at the moment, Age of Ultron, you would have seen that Wolverine and Sue Richards travelled back in time to kill Hank Pym, which would then in turn stop Ultron's creation, which would then lead to there not being an 'Age of Ultron' and no end of the world etc, etc, etc. 

Hank Pym has been around since 1962, that's a long time, and the creation of Ultron happened in 1968, so that means by Wolverine killing him, wipes out 45 years of involvement in the Marvel Universe since Ultron's creation, and lets be honest he is one of the longest standing Avengers, a pretty important figure, in the Marvel Universe.

Brian Michael Bendis posted on his Tumblr page a list of events connected to Hank Pym, that could possibly be affected by his death. The list is long, as you would expect, and there's even a connection to a UK character, Spitfire. The connection is this...

 *No revival of Jim Hammond, the original Human Torch, after Mad Thinker’s usage of him against the FF

*Spitfire would not have been rejuvenated without a second dose of Human Torch blood

*Spitfire’s absence may have affected various missions by the New Invaders and MI-13

The story of spitfire's 'rejuvenation' goes something like this (Taken from Comic Vine)...

A new Life
Jacqueline, now and elderly woman, once again found her past calling to her when Namorita, niece to her old teammate Namor the Sub-Mariner, came looking for her in order to free Namor and Jim Hammond, better known as the Human Torch. They where taken captive by a Neo-Nazi cell in Germany. This resulted in Jacqueline, Union Jack and Captain America bursting in the compound where Jim and Namor where held. During the battle Namor and Jim were freed. Jacqueline was however shot and near fatally wounded. Jim Hammond luckily intervened and once again gave a blood transfusion to save her life. Not only did it save Jacqueline's life this time, but it also changed her body back to that of a 16 year old woman. Jacqueline was now in the strange position of being a young woman once again. Jacqueline struggled with her new life, not knowing whether she should act as a young woman or just as her older self.

So if Hank Pym was no longer alive, then he wouldn't have been around to revive The Original Human Torch, which in turn means Spitfire would have died.

For the full Brian Michael Bendis list follow this CBR link...

So time will tell if Spitfire is really dead, or as I suspect Hank Pym's death will be reversed, because too much time is changed, and it's already been announced that Kang is going to make an appearance.

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