Friday, 5 April 2013

Kid Briton No More?

Avengers Arena issue #7 is released on Wednesday April 10th.

The only reason I've featured this series on here is because of characters featured from Braddock Academy, an academy training young heroes, run by Captain Britain, with help from Meggan, Union Jack and other various Brit heroes. The main character of interest, for me was Kid Briton, a young Brian Braddock from an alternative Earth.

It seems, judging by the first page of this issue, which has a big red cross through Kid Britons picture, that he's already bit the dust. So it seems that, as I first thought, that a lot of these young heroes have been included just for cheap kicks, and to be thrown away, as cannon fodder.

Brian Braddock is one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe, and what lets him down sometimes is his lack of confidence, because his strength is dependant on how confident he feels. The young alternative Brian Braddock is a cocky, over-confident individual, who saved his whole reality because of his strength, fuelled by his confidence. This now seems immaterial if he's been thrown away so easily.

I've not been buying Avengers Arena in comic form, but I do have volume one of the Graphic novel on order for when it's released in May. If Kid Briton is actually dead, so is my interest in this event!

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