Sunday, 3 February 2013

Kid Briton Revealed

In November I asked the question, 'Who is Kid Briton?'

It seems he's a new character created by Dennis Hopeless and Kev Walker for the current 'Avengers Arena' series running at the moment.

Comic Vine have this little entry which throws further light on who he actually is...

'Kid Briton is a teenaged alternate universe version of the British superhero Captain Britain and a member of the Braddock Academy. He was, along with several other teenage heroes, trapped in Arcade's Murderworld where it is revealed that he is dating Apex, a fellow prisoner of Murderworld and student at Braddock Academy. Apex makes it very clear that she doubts Kid Briton's ability to kill anyone, even in a life or death situation.'

So I presume he's a younger version of Brian Braddock, from another reality? but does that mean he's a disposable hero? Is the intention of Dennis Hopeless to create him, just to have him killed as part of the story? No doubt all will be revealed as the story progresses, and I hope he's not going to just become canon fodder. The costumes pretty cool as well, a variation of the one worn by Captain Britain in Paul Cornell's MI:13 run.

Here's a few more images of Kid Briton I've managed to find...

These next few unlettered pages are taken from issue #5 of Avengers Arena, not yet released.

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