Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Enter The Warwolves, and Gatecrasher's Technet tangle with the Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four #7 - 'Sieze the Child'

The abduction of Franklin Richards part 2

This issues starts immediately where the last one ended, with Ferro 2, the four armed alien mercenary, tracking Alyssa Moy and Franklin Richards. Ferro 2 is a member of Gatecrasher's Technet, a band of alien mercenaries, all with various talents.

In my last post I mentioned the clever way Chris Claremont had introduced certain things into the story, without making them a part of the immediate story, like Kay Cera, Cuckoo from ClanDestine. On page 10 of the last issue Sue Richards mentions to Johnny Storm that a white Land Rover had been following her, he dismissed it and it was forgotten about.

The front of this issue lets you know who is contained within, the Warwolves. The Warwolves were created by Chris Claremont and Alan Davis, and first appeared in the Excalibur special Edition in 1987. They were hunters, working for Mojo, sent after Rachel Summers (Phoenix), to return her to Mojo's Mojoworld. The Warwolves were responsible for the formation of Excalibur, each hero banding together to fight them, which in turn caused the formation of Excalibur. The Warwolves were also responsible for the death of the first Ferro, so CC using all these characters in this issue was a nice reminder of an almost forgotten history.

The white Land Rover appears on the very  first page, containing the Warwolves, in one of their favourite 'skins', that of an English Copper, driving the white 'Police' Land Rover. The Warwolves are also on the hunt for Franklin, but you're unsure who they are working for, it's never really explaned. The Warwolves only appear in the first 5 pages, and then that's it for the rest of the issue.
Alyssa, and Franklin manage to escape the clutches of the Warwolves, but are still being tracked by Ferro 2.

Reed and Sue Richards notice that something's up, no electricity where their HQ is, so Sue runs off in search of her family, guessing something is up, a mother's intuition. She tracks Franklin down a split second before Gatecrasher n' Co teleport in to grab her son. Mr Fantastic arrives, free's the Thing from inside Bodybag, a somewhat smaller Thing, after China Doll had shrunk him in the last issue, and then the big fight commences.

You don't have to wait too long for The Human Torch to join, completing the foursome, and at this point The Fantastic Four start to get the upper hand on Gatecrasher's Technet. This doesn't sir too well with Gatecrasher, but the final card is dealt, and the cavalry arrive to apprehend little Ol' Franklin Richards.
Enter The Captain Britain Corps.

I thoroughly enjoyed this issue, Gatecrasher's Technet, Warwolves and the Captain Britain Corps, what's not to like? Chris Claremont shows an obvious love for these characters, and Salvador Larroca's art fits so well, probably the best art I've seen outside of Alan Davis for these particular characters.

Tomorrow I'll finish off with a review of the final issue, which concludes the story, and all will be revealed to who hired Gatecrasher.

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