Thursday, 7 February 2013

The Captain Britain Corps Enter the Fray

Fantastic Four #8 - 'Storm Warnings'

The abduction of Franklin Richards part 3

So far this story has seen Gatecrasher's Technet try to abduct Franklin Richards, The Warwolves have also attempted to abduct him, although knowing them, they would have been quite happy to just possess his skin. Both have so far failed!

Chris Claremont is the master storyteller of this tale, and the art  is beautifully rendered by Salvador Larroca. It's been a few years since reading anything by Chris Claremont, and I forgot how good his writing his, but this little run of comics re-introduced me to his writing, and I'm very pleased with the way he handles the less known, but loved characters such as Gatecrasher's Technet. I was aware of Salvador Larocca's art before this, but never really paid any attention to it, but his art on this comic, especially the way he draws The Technet has gained a new admirer in me.

With the FF starting to get the upper hand on Gatecrasher's and her motley crew of mercenaries, the prize of Franklin Richards was too good to just simply abandon and run away with your tail between your legs, so the big guns were sent in, a whole army of Captain Britain's.

The fight began, with The Fantastic Four taking on the might of the Captain Britain Corps.

The Corps start to get the better of the FF, negating each of their powers, with the use of technology, not just brute force. A lot of people forget that Captain Britain isn't just a muscle in a suit, he's intelligent, and has one foot in magic, and the other in science. The Captain Britain Corps are alternate realities of CB, so they also can have the same attributes.

Franklin begins to panic, and get angry, and uses his power to uber-enhance all of the FF's powers, which turns the tide once more in their favour, much to the displeasure of Gatecrasher, who decides enough is enough, decides to make a hasty exit.

The Human Torch's powers have been enhanced to dangerous levels, and he also decides enough is enough, and convinces Gatecrasher to take him to those who hired her in the first place, which happens to be none other than Opal Luna Saturnyne & Roma. It is they that have deemed Franklin Richards is too dangerous to leave unchecked.

Johnny Storm argues with them, it's the FF's responsibility to make sure Franklin is brought up, and doesn't end up destroying everything. The discussion sways back and forth, there's a few cameo appearances from the likes of Galactus, Eternity and Infinity, and eventually Johnny Storm convinces them, that Franklin's care should be in the FF's hands not Roma's.
Everything's returned to normal, and all interested parties are satisfied with the outcome, although I did wonder where the Warwolves went to, and did Roma hire them as well, or were they working independently?

I really enjoyed this three issue run by Claremont and Larroca, it showed how easily you can include what I term as Brit based characters in to the mainstream Marvel universe, without them feeling a little out of place.

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