Tuesday, 15 January 2013

A Technet mini series that almost happened!

I found this little titbit on a fellow Bloggers Blog... An article appeared in a 'Marvel Preview' book from 1993. It informed of a 4 issue Technet mini-series, written by Joey Cavalieri, and drawn by Dwayne Turner, all told in the same vein as the popular Excalibur series of the time.

The Technet had featured in Excalibur in 1991, and had proved to be fan favourites. The Technet, or Gatecrasher's Technet were characters that had transfered well from Captain Britain's Moore/Davis solo run to feature in Excalibur, along with the likes of the Crazy Gang, and Saturnyne (Sat-Yr-9).

It would have been great if this saw the light of day, but alas it wasn't to be. I wonder if it only got as far as an idea, with this promotional art attached, or somewhere there is a script, and more artwork hidden away in  an archive.


  1. I had heard vague mentions of a planned Technet series from the early 90s. Never seen any art before, though. Good find!

    As to why it may have been canned? Well, I have to wonder if it wasn't down in some part to the change of direction the X-Books had at that time.

    For one thing, as the blurb there kinda refers to, before that period Excalibur wasn't really an 'X-Men book', per se. The same office published a number of books with *ties* to the X-Men, but some had very different tones and individual styles.

    For example, even though it featured the original five X-Men the original incarnation of 'X-Factor' mixed it up with other areas of the Marvel Universe more than it did the main X-Men series.

    Anyway, when Marvel brought Excalibur under the banner of the newly rebranded X-Office a good many things soon changed. Not just the house style and cover designs.

    The team were quickly relocated from Braddock Manor to Muir Island, and the home of X-Men ally Moira MacTaggert. Captain Britain was suddenly 'lost' between issues. Meggan was left behind. Micromax, Widget, Feron, Kylun, Cerise all axed in between issues too. Possibly because other than Micromax and Meggan they were not even mutants.

    For a short time Excalibur consisted only of Rachel, Nightcrawler and Kitty Pryde, all former X-men of course, and for the next few years Excalibur only fought X-Men villains.

    Scott Lobdell didn't seem to have a problem with writing the original Excalibur characters (He did a few issues with them) but somebody made the decision for a very much more X-Men heavy change of direction for the book. That to me seems like it could only really have been an editorial choice being passed on down to a creative team. And in a climate where Excalibur were suddenly ONLY allowed to fight X-Men villains a limited series focussing on the Technet may suddenly have found itself also off the table.

    That'd be my guess, anyway.

  2. That sounds a very plausible explanation. Excalibur were formed after the supposed demise of the X-Men to carry 'X' torch, based in the UK. The first 50-ish issues, or at least the ones Alan Davis had a hand in, were fantastic, and in a way were almost like a 'Captain Britain and friends' type of comic.
    The directional change was obvious, the whole comic lost it's fun, and the characters were not as strong.
    I loved the original five members of Excalibur, and the added cast members such as Cerise, Kylun, Micromax and Feron, added to the title. A real shame a lot of these characters, such as The Technet, will probably never see the light of day again, they just don't fit in to the 'Marvel Now' way of thinking.

  3. They really don't, no. To my mind The Technet last appeared in panel back in Claremont's Fantastic Four run, towards the tail end of the 90s.

    I kinda miss Gatecrasher.