Saturday, 1 December 2012

Hero Art Nouveau Wow! Art by Megan Lara

I came across the latest issue of Willow (#2) which has cover art by Megan Lara, and was hit with instant WOW! One of my favourite art styles is Art Nouveau, especially Mucha, and obviously I love the occasional hero, or 200, so coming across an artist that combines the two, sent me into artistic geek heaven. Check out below a few of the wonderful works of art she has produced featuring some heroes you may recognise...

Here's the cover to Willow #2 which drew me to her art.

For more of her art check out her site...

Now all I need her to do is a triple original Excalibur special, with Meggan, Sat-Yr-9 & Cerise, all in her Mucha influenced style, then I can die a happy man!

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