Sunday, 25 November 2012

Who is Kid Briton?

Marvel have announced upcoming event, 'Avengers Arena'. A Battle Royale type story involving 16 youngsters from the Marvel universe, some known, some not so well known, all fighting against each other. One of these unknown heroes is a character called Kid Briton... Who is he? and why does he look like a right jerk? All we know is, he represents House Braddock.

Avengers Arena is all Arcade's doing, a bigger version of one of his 'Murderworld' attempts, but on an island, very Battle Royale! This time there's actually going to be murder, which never actually happens in Murderworld.

Can't really see the point in this story, especially if some of the heroes are going to actually die, and wouldn't the grown-up heroes notice them missing.

For the full insight into this follow this link from an article on

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