Friday, 6 April 2012

Secret Avengers #25

With Captain Britain's stint finished with X-Force, it's now time for his stint in the Secret Avengers, starting with issue number 25. Here's some pages from this issue...


On the cover the good Captain is wearing his 80's costume, which seems to be the costume of choice at the moment, but on the pages inside he's wearing a darker version, like the one worn in the later days of Excalibur. C'mon Marvel, make you're mind up, which one's it to be?

So Captain Britain has been in the pages of Uncanny X-Force, now the Secret Avengers, we've seen him in Excalibur, a part of the Iron Age series with Iron Man, and not forgetting The Knights of Pendragon. We've seen him team-up with Spidey, Deadpool and Captain America, and then his headlining run in Captain Britain & MI:13. I don't think he looks right as an Avenger, and I would imagine after the AvX story has run it's course he'll depart The Avengers, but what next for Captain Britain? I would love to see his own series but I don't think that will happen anytime soon. I would love to see the return of Excalibur (please vote in the Excalibur poll in the right-hand column on this blog), but I can't see that happening either.

There was talk some time ago of a Commonwealth super-team, which would involve British heroes, Canadian heroes etc, a sort of Excalibur mixed with Alpha Flight type team. That would work, and seems the next logical step.

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