Wednesday, 21 March 2012

John Byrne Captain Britain Original Art

I found this commission by John Byrne of Captain Britain and Scarlet Witch battling Batroc, Klaw and Grey Gargoyle. Captain Britain's in his 70's costume, so I would presume this would have happened about the time Cap teamed up with Spidey in Marvel Team-Up #65 & #66.

This fight never happened, but how much more popular would Captain Britain have become if he did have a few more high profile villains to battle every now and again. I know he went up against the Red Skull, but that was a team up with Captain America. How cool if he did cross swords with Batroc, or Grey Gargoyle once in a while, they are French after all, and the British, and the French have crossed swords so many times in history. Maybe a few spidey villains would have been a good match up, like Electro, or maybe Doc Ock. Obviously any incarnation since the 70's wouldn't fit, but a street level based hero like he was back then makes more sense.


  1. Great stuff ! More details here :

  2. Thanks for that tid-bit of info. This commission must have cost quite a bit, especially as it's John Byrne. Love John Byrne's art!