Thursday, 2 February 2012

Knights of Pendragon Vol 2

In 1992 Marvel UK released another volume of the Knights of Pendragon, which lasted for 15 issues, written by Dan Abnett, and would feature guest appearances from Spiderman, Iron Man, Death's Head II and Baron Blood.

It started off in the same vein as volume one, with swords n' stuff, but by issue 6 turned into a more hero-friendly type of comic with the heroes all having costumes, and powers, plus a new logo. Union Jack once again was a mainstay of the team, although his costume looked nothing like a Union Jack, and his size was increased. The other members of the team were, Adam Crown, Albion, Breeze James, and Francesca Lexley Grace, plus there was Sir Gawain, who was a... er... robot.

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