Sunday, 5 February 2012

Excalibur - Sword of Power

This four issue mini-run of Excalibur, released in 2001, really should be released as a graphic novel. I've not read it, even though I know what happens in it, I still want it, but as a rule I don't buy the comic, just the graphic novel release.

Comic vines take on this series is 'A four part limited series detailing Captain Britain's rise to become king of the extra-dimensional realm of Otherworld.'

Issue #1
In the wake of Excalibur's break-up, Brian Braddock and his wife Meggan at last lead "normal" lives. But their peace is shattered when Brian learns that a mysterious knight has decimated his birth planet, Otherworld. Now only Captain Britain, and his companions Psylocke and the Black Knight, have a hope of bringing this fiend down! But it will be a quest that will test Brian like never before, and force him to confront untold horrors and his own inner demons!

Issue #2
With Otherworld under seige, a small group of warriors lead by Captain Britain embark on a hunt for Excalibur, the mythic Sword of Power, which may be their only hope of salvation!

Issue #3

Captain Britain returns in a tale of furious fantasy in the Mighty Marvel Manner! The only thing that stands between the evil goddess Roma's total domination of reality is the sword of might, Excalibur! Can Brian Braddock, Psylocke and the Black Knight reclaim it in time?

Issue #4

Captain Britain's arch-nemesis has stolen the ultimate power in the universe right from Brian Braddock's hands! Can even the last surviving members of the Captain Britain Corps stop him before it's too late?

I'll probably have to buy the comics!


  1. This is a great mini series, probably one of my fav (and I am a huge CB fan). I love your blog, it is one of the only places to catch up on a bit of CB online.

  2. Glad you like it Steve.

    I've been a big fan of the good Captain since he first hit Marvel in the 70's. There are a few of us CB fans out there, and even fewer that champion him.