Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Captain Britain Team-Up

Cap's first solo team-up was in 1977, in his own weekly comic, teaming up with Captain America. The story ran for 12 issues, with the two Caps fighting the Red Skull, who wanted to destroy London.

Next up was Caps introduction to the American public in 1978, with an appearance in two issues of Marvel Team-Up, with Spider-Man, battling through Arcades Murderworld.

Then it was back to Marvel UK in Hulk Comic Weekly, 1979. The story had Brian Braddock flying back to the UK, in a plane, no flight powers in the 70's. The plane crashes, he's washed up on a beach where, suffering from amnesia, he meets the Black Knight. They fight, and eventually team up to save Otherworld. This story has now been collected in graphic novel form, under the title of 'Siege of Camelot'.

The next time we see Captain Britain in a solo team-up is once again with Captain America, in 1985, yet again in London, which the bad guy is trying to destroy. More of a mystical element this time with Modred the Mystic the bad guy.

The most recent team-up was with Deadpool in his own team-up comic, in 2010, where they crossed swords with the new Slaymaster, who was trying to get his hands on the old Slaymasters arsenal of weapons.

Captain Britain has appeared in quite a few Marvel comics over the years, usually as part of a team, or appeared in other team comics such as X-men and ClanDestine. More recently he has appeared in Uncanny X-Force, and soon to appear as a Secret Avenger.

A constant in all these team-ups is that Cap' always begins each team-up fighting the hero, then fighting with them, to beat the big bad!

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