Monday, 30 January 2012

The Multiverse needs the Captain Britain Corps.

DC comics has the Green Lantern Corps, but what does Marvel have to equal them? The Green Lantern's are the guardians of the universe, they all have a sector each to patrol, and their base of operations is OA, a planet sized living thing. When one dies, the ring goes to another worthy replacement, etc.

The Captain Britain Corps are defenders of the Multiverse, they all have a reality to patrol, and their base of operations is Otherworld.
This has potential, doesn't it? Marvel have never been able to equal DC's Green Lantern, when you consider the similarities between other character's/teams - The Avengers/The Justice League of America, Legion of Superheroes/The Imperial Guard, Batman/Moon Knight or Daredevil, Wonder Woman/Ms. Marvel, Superman/Hulk, and I'm sure everyone can name numerous characters from both comic houses that can be paired.

Just thought of another similarity, all Green Lanterns wear green (it's in the name), and most, not all Captain Britain's wear red, white & blue.

Some of you may question that wouldn't it be boring if all the characters are called Captain Britain, not to mention confusing. This would be the case if they were indeed all called Captain Britain, but they are not. You have Captain Britain, Lionheart, Albion, Captain UK, Crusader X, and a host of numerous other characters. Granted a lot of the other's have Captain at the start of their names, but you would center the storyline around certain characters.

The Green Lantern's have key lantern's, and a host of back up character's. My way of thinking would be the core characters would have to be, Captain Britain (Obviously), Albion, Captain UK, Lionheart, Meggan, Saturnyne, Crusader X, Justicer Bull, Caledonia, Will Of The People and then a few back up character's.

The Captain Britain Corps...

Obviously every heroic team needs villains to go up against, and first and foremost you would have The Fury, and there's no reason why Necrom/Anti-Phoenix couldn't make a return, Gatecrasher's Technet, Mojo and his Warwolves, The Warpies, and I'm sure everyone can pick villains they'd like to see.


Surely it warrant's a mini-series?... or maybe a maxi series, would be nice. Drawn by Alan Davis, and written by Paul Cornell, or Alan Moore!

He sighs! The stuff of dreams!

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