Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Jamie Braddock is Captain Britain

Released today by Marvel is 'Ultimate Comics: Ultimates #6' which has Captain Britain in it.

I don't read any of the Ultimates comics released by Marvel, but this caught my eye. I'd heard that Jamie Braddock was the Captain Britain in The Ultimates, and for those of you that aren't aware what the Ultimates are they are an alternate timeline, featuring a lot of the usual characters, usually with different costumes, and sometimes different characters wearing the costumes.

Here's the cover for Ultimates #6

The question that sprung to mind was why is Jamie Braddock Captain Britain, and not Brian, which was answered by the Marvel database, which goes a bit like this...

'Jamie Braddock is the brother of the former Captain Britain, Brian Braddock, and son of Dr. James Braddock. Though he survived an attack on Parliament by the Madrox' during Magneto's attack several months earlier, Brian succumbed to cancer and Jamie took up his mantle. Jamie is one of the E.D.I.'s new Excalibur-Class Super-Soldiers, thus making him a slight upgrade over his predecessor.'

So there you have it Jamie Braddock is Captain Britain of Earth-1610, but I prefer to remember him like this...

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