Saturday, 28 January 2012

Hulk Comic #1 1979

In the 70's Marvel UK released several comics containing strips featuring Marvels favourite heroes, such as Spiderman and The Hulk. The comics would feature bite-size reprints of US comics, which were not available to all at the time with very few specialist comic shops around. The UK reprints were available on a weekly basis, and you could get them from your local newsagent.

Now and again Marvel UK would run a story that was written for the British public only, and would usually feature a UK based hero.

In 1979 Marvel UK released 'Hulk Comic', taking advantage of the popularity of The Hulk from the TV series.

What made this comic unique was the UK stories in this comic. The comic contained reprints from Hulk, Nick Fury and Ant Man, and original stories of Black Knight, with Captain Britain, and a character called Night Raven.

The Black Knight storyline with Captain Britain, was a Arthurian storyline, which you can now get as a Graphic novel, 'Siege of Camelot'. As far as the good Captain's involvement in this story, it follows directly from his stint in Marvel Team-Up with Spiderman battling Arcade. The story of his appearance in issue #4 goes something like this... He's flying back from America, when his plane crashes, he's washed up on a beach, where he fights the Black Knight, suffering from amnesia.
Black Knight, Captain Britain, Merlyn and a host of other characters fight to save Camelot, and Otherworld from the evil Necromon.

Night Raven was a bit different from the usual hero fare, and featured a vigilante, who used to use two colt guns, with the story set in the 1930's. It was written by Steve Parkhouse, and drawn by David lloyd, known for his art on 'V for Vendetta'.

Hulk Comic was worth buying for the British strips alone. I remember as a kid being quite excited about reading these stories each week, but had no interest in the reprint content, but without the popularity of the main characters in this comic, the Brit' stories probably wouldn't have seen the light of day.

If you want a more in depth feature on Hulk Comic, you should check out Dez Skinn's article on this on his website...

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