Friday, 2 September 2011

Captain Britain Cosplay

A lot of people dress up in costumes by their favourite heroes. I for one don't, there's nothing wrong in it, I just don't have that hero type body.

There are some great costumes, and some not so great. Put 'Cosplay' in a google search and you will come across a wide range of good, and bad ones.

The British heroes don't seem to get much of a representation, but I did manage to track down a few.
This guy has obviously put some effort in to his costume, love the helmet.

This one is a little bit unsettling, sorry, but compared to the other one....

I'm really surprised that more Cosplayer's haven't had a go at a Meggan costume. This is the only one I found.

Now if you wan't Brian Braddock's sister Betsy, then there are loads, just type into Google 'Psylocke Cosplay'.

Here's a small handful of the one's available.
I personally like the last one, my wife thinks I'm sad. In my defence, I know she wouldn't look away if there was a buff guy dressed in a hero outfit.

Let's see someone tackle Cerise, or maybe Saturnyne, or a Roma.

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