Thursday, 1 September 2011

Captain Britain - 1st Avenger figure

Look what arrived in the post today...

A Captain Britain figure, part of the Captain America First Avenger range, or to give it, it's proper title...

"Captain America First Avenger: Wave 2 Action Figures: Captain Britain"

It's quite a nice figure, but a few questions spring to mind, why does he have a big gun, and a sword (not pictured), and I wonder why the 'New Excalibur' costume was picked, and not one of the other ones? The New Excalibur costume was short lived, and replaced with the MI:13 one, the current non-mask one, which I prefer. Still doesn't beat the 70's, and 80's ones though.
This figure retails for £8.99, but I managed to pick one up from eBay, brand new, sealed, for a bargain £2.79.
My five year old son's eyes lit up when he saw it, and even more-so when he noticed the gun fired the blue bit like a rocket. Then I disappointed him by displaying it in my cabinet. 'It's not a toy, it's a collectable' I told him. I don't think he was convinced, but at £2.79, I suppose I could get him one to play with.

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