Monday, 29 August 2011

Union Jack by Bowen Designs

Last week I posted pictures of 2 Captain Britain busts from Bowen Designs, and the new Captain Britain Statue. I want them all... but I don't think I can justify buying them all with my wife... flowers, and a bottle of wine just wont cut it... with a £200 hole in my bank account for the CB statue... shame!

Bowen has done other British characters, and one of the best being the Union Jack bust that came out in 2005, it's a beauty.
Hmmm... Can I justify £40?... maybe a big bunch of flowers and a BIG bottle of wine?

Whilst searching the usual sites, I came across a WIP by Bowen Designs on of a Union Jack Statue, which is looking mighty fine, and yes I want this one too. It's sculpted by The Kucharek Brothers.

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